Recover Your Value-Added Tax Refund With A Global Importer Of Record

As a technology reseller, you must bear in mind that shipping IT equipment overseas is often a sophisticated logistical procedure. As with any controlled-use good, customs will require extensive import documentation for the clearance, in addition to an Importer of Record working to make sure your equipment is cleared through customs in accordance with the receiving country’s laws. Preparing the necessary paper work yourself can be daunting, but takes on further complications when you’re shipping internationally to multiple places, and are unfamiliar with their regulations. Even a small misstep can unfortunately cause unwelcome delays at the border.

Choosing a global Importer of Record that can offer you a comprehensive list of services will alleviate much of this hassle. TecEx, for example, is one company that has a point of presence in over 120 countries, and in addition to acting as your Importer of Record and ensuring the clearance of your goods, they can apply for all the necessary permits on your behalf, provide customs support documentation, oversee the delivery locally, and even secure a Value-Added Tax (VAT) refund from the countries where this refund is available. Visit to see the entire list of eligible countries and how much of a rebate your client might be entitled to and how the right company can help you acquire this rebate. These tax refunds are not just limited to import taxes but also many other types of taxes incurred.

To find out if your business client is eligible for a refund, ask them the following questions. Do you ship equipment overseas to a refund country where you retain ownership of the equipment? Do you store equipment in foreign data centres located in a refund country? Do employees of your company travel or participate in trade shows in a refund country? Do you purchase equipment in a refund country? If you don’t know all the answers, TecEx will use its expertise to help you determine how and where you can save. In over 40 of the countries they work in regularly, they are able to apply for a VAT refund post clearance.It takes 6-12 months to obtain, but will save your company and your clients company in the long term.

To begin the process, you will use TecEx’s online customer portal to generate your landed cost quote. Upon acceptance, you’ll be asked to submit your completed commercial invoice to begin the customs pre-approval process, which takes approximately 1-3 days.

At this time, their expert team will identify any specific documentation stipulated by the country accepting your shipment; these include import permits, licences or additional certifications. Once this is complete, the company will act as your Importer of Record to ensure your equipment is cleared efficiently and compliantly; this will take 3-7 days.

You can also track your shipment through an online portal, granting you access to a personal client service executive to whom you can defer should you have any questions or need assistance along the way. Your executive will work with an on-the-ground team, guaranteeing you the best lead times for the arrival of your goods. When it comes to the timely delivery of your technology, free of hassle, going with a global Importer of Record will save you energy, resources, and even financial reserves.