What Are the Miami Compensation Laws for Maritime Workers?

Land-based maritime Miami workers can be severely injured in several incidents related to lifting, crane accidents, accidental slips, or cargo accidents while performing dock and harbor-related duties. 

The Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act (LHWCA) is a federal law that provides compensation, medical care, or rehabilitation to such maritime workers who get injured or disabled while performing their duties. If you are also, unfortunately, facing any such issue, hire a Miami maritime lawyer and press charges for rightful compensation for your injury.

The Miami Compensation Laws for maritime workers are.


If you are a maritime worker in Miami, your duties are not only limited to docks, terminals, or wharves. Working on vessels or repairing them also comes under the coverage of the laws. The law covers all the injuries while working on navigable waters. 

You are entitled to seek compensation if you are performing your duties at Port Miami or any other adjoining areas that fall under the navigable waters of the U.S.

Wage Compensation

The Miami maritime workers will be paid wage compensation as per the type of disability caused due to the on-job injury.

Temporary Total Disability – The worker is entitled to receive a wage compensation of two-thirds of the average weekly wages if the injury prevents him from performing their job duties for a certain period, subject to minimum or maximum compensation rates at that time.

Temporary Partial Disability – If due to the injury, the worker can render their duties partially for a certain period, they are entitled to receive weekly benefits, two-thirds of average weekly wage, and current earnings.

Permanent Disability – If the injury causes permanent disability, the worker is entitled to benefits with cost-of-living adjustment up to a 5% rate annually.

Permanent Partial Disability – If the worker is partially disabled from performing his job role, i.e., any parts are permanently disabled, they are entitled to benefits based on the type of permanent loss.

Medical Benefits

The Miami Compensation Laws of maritime workers state that the worker is entitled to an immediate medical treatment related to the injury along with the supplies and the associated costs. The worker also has the right to treatment with their choice of doctor or hospital.

Financial Compensation

The Act states that the workers are entitled to financial compensation in injuries caused by an accident or an unsafe working environment. Similar is the case with diseases that are a result of an employment environment or any such factors that aggravate the already existing conditions.

Hire an Attorney

The Miami maritime laws state that they can hire a lawyer and press charges on the ship owners or the employers for not performing the duties related to the employee’s safety. It is the duty of the employer or the shipowner to caution the employee against unsafe working conditions or any threats related to the operating of the vessel. 

As a maritime worker in Miami, you should be fully aware of your rights. You can hire a Miami maritime lawyer and seek consultation if your employer does not provide you with reasonable compensation for any on-job-injury.