What Comes Under the Ambit of Drug Crimes in Houston?

Houston stands as the flagship city of the state of Texas, with 2.1 million people calling it home. There are plenty of suburbs, and enclaves spread all over its 600 sq. mile expanse. It also includes plenty of parks and other outdoor spaces for people to gather in and spend time. These, and other factors combined, have made it a very livable city, with an index of 50.

As with any city, however, it does have its share of crimes. Drug-related crimes are a particular menace due to the usage of illicit drugs. Its proximity to the US-Mexico border doesn’t help either, providing an easy path for smugglers to bring-in and distribute their goods.

There is high vigilance to stop this inflow and abuse of drugs in the city. If law enforcers have caught you on drug-related criminal charges, you should enlist the help of a Houston drug crime lawyer. They will assist in helping you defend yourself against the overbearing force of the law.

How Ambitious Are Houston’s Ambit of Drug Crimes?

The administration has enacted strict measures and laws to put a stop to drug flow in the city. You could fall under the numerous categories of crimes related to drugs. Even possession can have serious consequences. A Houston drug crime lawyer can help you in as many ways if caught under any of these categories of drug-related crimes.

Violent Crimes

Drug-related violent crimes occur when (an) assailant(s) harms (a) victim(s) while under the influence of drugs. It can also happen while trafficking such substances. The most common violent crimes that occur under the influence of drugs are:

  • Murder
  • Violent Rape
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated Assault

The total number of crimes under this category stood at 24,250 in 2006 itself. Those numbers have since grown. They leave a lasting impact on the victim, their family, and the community as a whole.

The criminal’s side of things is not easy either. They will face jail-time of years to decades for such crimes. The system might want to make an example and issue extra-long sentences like life-in-prison. A drug crime lawyer can help reduce the sentence or even get you out if you contact the right person.

Manufacture, Possession, and Trafficking

The non-violent category includes drug manufacturing, possession of illegal narcotics, and its trafficking/distribution.

The Texas Health and Safety Code strictly prohibits the manufacture of drugs. A person is said to commit an offense if they go ahead with the manufacture of drugs. All types of crimes under this category will invite state jail time. You could also face civil-damage lawsuits for manufacturing or aiding in the manufacture of drugs, under whose influence the damages occurred.

The same law also prohibits the possession of illicit drugs. Besides criminal charges, you could also face civil ones like liability for damages caused to the user if you’ve manufactured, distributed, or sold the same to them. The greater the quantity of substance possessed, the greater the penalty.

Trafficking/distribution will also bring criminal and civil charges to you, similar to the other categories.

There are numerous ways the law can mishandle you in terms of drug crimes. A Houston Drug Crime Lawyer will help free you from its clutches or at least bring down the severity of punishment.