What Is Screen Recording Software & How Is It Useful?

Screen recording basically refers to capturing a video or audio from a visual process going on the computer screen. This means that you can create a new video file along with audio from an already playing video or a process being completed by the computer. Screen recording can often prove really beneficial for you in many different ways. You can capture various kinds of videos such as streaming audio and video, Skype video chats, webinars, even movies, and TV series, gaming, installation processes, etc. You can easily find the compatible application online for your Windows or Mac computer. You need to properly check reviews, ratings, features, and functionalities to find the best screen recorder Mac supports.

What Type Of Videos Can Be Recorded?

With a good screen recording application, you can capture almost any kind of videos. Some examples of these recordings include:

  1. Live Videos – You can record live videos along with audios that are being streamed online such as sports matches, concerts, interviews, movies or TV series.

  1. Video Calls – If you want to preserve the beautiful moments or conversations that you have on video calls with your loved ones, you can capture & save those too. You can capture these calls from various platforms like Google Duo, IMO, Facebook, etc.

  1. Tutorials – Visual content that can be used to teach some educational lessons or processes or the way some specific task can be done with ease.

  1. Entertainment – Comedy acts, movies, funny clips, magic tricks or footage of some interesting event, place or person.

  1. Music Videos – You can save the videos or audios of music films that cannot be downloaded directly. You can get high picture quality along with the music, and you can even rip just the audio out of the file.

  1. How-To, Remedies & Informative – You can record videos that teach about cooking recipes or about something like how to dance, sing or other similar stuff. You can also record the medicinal & home remedies videos to watch them later & learn.

  1. Business Videos – If you miss an important meeting or conference for some reasons, or you wish to keep the video for future business operations, you can always do it using this software tool.

How To Choose The Right Tool For You?

To help you choose the right screen capture tool, here are some top things to consider:

  • Check for the compatibility of the software with your operating system i.e. Windows or Mac

  • Does the tool offer a good frame rate? The frame rate is responsible for the image quality of the output file

  • Is multiple screen recording supported? This is essential for creating how-to & tutorial videos.

  • Is sharing the video directly to social media platforms supported? This helps in saving a lot of time.

  • What types of output file formats are supported? Video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, FLV etc and audio formats like MP3, WMA, AC3, WAV etc.

So this was everything you need to know about screen recording and how it can be a great tool for your Mac computer.