What It Means to Be a Good Neighbor

Personalities tend to vary across neighborhoods. Some neighbors are secluded and quiet, while others are full of parting and socializing. Perhaps you know a neighbor who always wants to know everyone else’s business. Or a neighbor with crazy kids. Contrary, some neighbors are so private that you can hardly keep up with their lives. Neighbors have different personalities, which is what determines who they are.

But what does it take to be a good neighbor? Your circle of friends can have a significant impact on your way of life. The same holds for a neighborhood. A friendly neighbor equals a friendly neighborhood. For you to have good neighbors around you, you first have to build your character. Here is what it takes to be a good neighbor.


Being a decent neighbor doesn’t always mean going above and beyond. Some neighbors care about their privacy and may not be willing to become best friends with their neighbors. However, saying hello or smiling at your neighbor can help strengthen your relationship with the people around you. Being unapproachable and unfriendly can result in an uncomfortable neighborhood. Become a better neighbor by trying to be friendly to everyone, including those that like secluding themselves. Be kind to mean-mugging neighbors by waving or smiling at them whenever you meet outside.


Many apps and social media platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor enable neighbors to share information and discuss events and issues affecting their neighborhoods. These platforms could be the best way for neighbors with tight schedules to connect. What’s more, recent anti racism efforts on Nextdoor have made the platform more inclusive and less discriminatory. The result is a virtual network for neighbors to safely come together and talk about things without alienating each other in the process.


A tidy neighborhood is admirable. Maybe a messy home or yard doesn’t concern you. However, it is good to be courteous to people living around you. A few ways to maintain a neat neighborhood include:

• Being conscious of outdoor décor.

• Mowing your lawn.

• Ensuring weeds and trees don’t creep into surrounding yards.

• Keeping grass under control.

Keeping items such as toys, water buckets, and bikes in a store can also help keep your yard neat and organized.

Common Courtesy

A good neighborhood is about caring for each other. Treat your neighbors the way you would want others to treat you. For example, if a neighbor does something good for you, pay it back by doing something nice for them. Good neighbors aren’t prompted to do good deeds. Instead, everything they do is voluntary. For example, a good neighbor can help someone having difficulty pruning their flower bed or mowing a lawn. Another way you can be courteous to your neighbor is by offering to babysit their child whenever they are busy. Being polite will ensure there won’t be a limit to how friendly and comfortable your neighborhood can become.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Pets can be a source of conflicts in a neighborhood. Therefore, neighbors should always keep their pets in check. Always remember to clean up after your pet poops. While this sounds basic, it is a common problem causing conflicts in many communities.


One way to promote a friendly neighborhood is to maintain silence and keep the music level at a tolerable level even when you’re having a birthday party. The other aspect often overlooked in many neighborhoods is minding where your guests should park their vehicles. The last thing a good neighbor would want is their guests to block someone else’s driveway. Fortunately, this can be handled by hiring a valet to ensure that one guest doesn’t take up the entire lot.

We all want to enjoy all the comforts that come with living in a great neighborhood. But what does it take to enjoy all this? Being a good neighbor, of course!

Being a good neighbor goes beyond just offering help to the person living next to you. By being respectful, welcoming, courteous, and tidy, you can be sure to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with people around you.