Do This to Greatly Add to the Value of Your Home

You home is the place you find the most comfort. It is your shelter and the thing you are the most proud of. It is also your biggest investment. One that you live in and enjoy, but also one that if you buy the right one and do the right things, will appreciate in value the longer you own it.

In order to keep its value rising, a smart homeowner will continually update and add improvements to their home. But not all upgrades and additions are equal. Some barely move the value meter while others cause the meter to fly through the roof. Here is a list of those things that over time have proven to not only pay for themselves, but to also increase the value of your home by a large margin.

Add a Sunroom

Sunrooms are becoming a more common part of homes again, and when they get added they often become the most used room in a home. Some people think of sunrooms as old fashioned but this is because they have been a popular addition for so long. Families love them because they bring lots of light via their profusion of windows, and the airiness they add to a home.

When you consider adding a sunroom to your home you should know there are a few popular styles you can choose from that come already made and can be installed on your home, or you can order a custom sunroom. When you are considering a sunroom, a professional company like Community Builders Tulsa will come to your home, take measurements and tell you if your home is right for a sunroom. They will also suggest different styles for you to purchase. In terms of building materials to use, shy away from low quality materials especially if you live in a climate that gets cold weather. Instead opt for one that will look beautiful, and stand up against the elements. If you do it right, this addition alone can add ten percent to the value of your home.

Add a Bathroom in the Master

If you own an older homes you more than likely have smaller, fewer and less elegant bathrooms. You also more than likely do not have a bathroom in the master suite. The reason for this is that until recently most people did not look at their bathrooms as a place to spend much time relaxing and as a showpiece for invited guests. Things have changed radically over the last few decades, and now the amount and size of the bathrooms are major determining factor in a home purchasing decision. Most buyers will tell you that when a home more of them and more fancy ones they will happily pay more for that home.

The most desired bathroom in a home today is an en-suite in the master bedroom. These bathrooms today will be the largest in the home and can sometimes have all of the latest and fancy amenities including: trough vanities, Jacuzzi tubs and showers that feature steam, massage and rainfall settings.

En suites can add three to five percent onto the value of a home,

When you choose to make an addition to your home choose what makes you happiest and what your family will use. But also consider its impact on the home’s value.