What Not to Do If in a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is not a pleasant experience. From the potential injuries to the hassle of dealing with the insurance company and car damages, there is nothing exciting or happy about an accident.

Many people go years without being involved in a collision. When the event happens, whether it is your fault or someone else’s, the whole situation can be a bit of a blur. Certain questions may spring to mind, like “What am I supposed to do?” or “Who should I call?”

While you might be caught off guard or flustered in the situation, there are certain things you should do and certain things you definitely should not do. In order to take care of the accident as quickly and succinctly as possible here are a few things you should never do if in a car accident.

Flee the Scene

Leaving the scene of the accident is never a good idea, as it is considered a hit-and-run. If you were to leave, you would actually be committing a crime and liable for jail time, especially if someone were seriously injured.

Even if the accident is minor, it is extremely important that you speak with the other people involved, exchange insurance information, and assess the damages by taking pictures and making notes about the harm.

On the other hand, if you are a victim of a hit-and-run, it might be a wise idea to reach out to an attorney. For instance, Atlanta truck accident attorneys can help you track down the other driver. If you or someone in the car sustained serious injuries, you could press charges against them. Finding the right lawyer can help you deal with a tragic situation.

Skip a Call to 911

Many people do not call 911 after a car accident, especially if the accident was minor. However, you never know specifically what injury you have sustained from the collision, including a concussion or an internal injury you cannot see. While it might seem like a hassle, calling the paramedics ensures that everyone is safe and free of harm. In a serious situation, it is always best to be safe rather than sorry.

Forget to Exchange Information

In the haste of the accident, it can be easy to forget all of the information in the situation. Make sure you exchange names, addresses, and insurance information. Additionally, make sure you document the make and model of the car, their license plate number, and any other details regarding their car. Take photos—up close and far away—of your car, their car, and any damages.

Also, while it is fresh in your mind, try to get all of the facts straight. Write down all the events leading up to the collision, including what you were doing, what their car was doing, and how the accident happened. This can help you with the insurance company.

Do Not Neglect Reporting the Accident


In a minor accident, many do not actually report the accident to the police. After exchanging information, report the accident to the police. In these situations, many forego the police report, as they figure the insurance companies will duke it out and get the issue resolved. However, what if the other person’s insurance is expired? Or, what if the car is stolen? While the other party might seem legitimate, it never hurts to have report filed.

Freak Out

Due to the unexpected element of a car accident, it can easy to momentarily freak out and lose your temper. With emotions flying high and the adrenaline rushing, it can be easy to fly off the handle and start yelling at the other driver, especially if they were at fault.

Losing your temper, though, is never a good way to get the issue resolved. Instead, try to stay calm, ask them if they are all right, and assess the damage. If the other driver is angry, try to maintain your cool and assess the damage as quickly as possible.

Dont Put Anything Off

While it can be a hassle to deal with the accident right away, it is necessary. File an insurance claim right away, get your car taken care of, and get your injuries checked out. Dealing with everything as soon as possible can help the situation be resolved as soon as possible.

These tips can help you make sure you are doing everything right when it comes to handling an accident.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/car-wrecked-accident-collision-845143/