The Ultimate Guide to the Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most captivating spectacles that any tourist could hope to lay eyes on. The place holds the remnants of a historic, natural event. It should be a no-brainer bucket list item for those who appreciate nature in its entirety and has been dubbed the fourth greatest wonder of the United Kingdom. The mystique and rough beauty that it holds has made it a staple of tourist visits to Northern Ireland with Allen’s Tours for example. The mystique of it all derives from the absolutely unique formations that the rocks lie in. The shapes and organizations of the rocks seem divinely intentional. It is one of the most bewildering sites known to man-kind.

Much of the fun associated with the Giant’s Causeway lies in whether or not you choose to dabble in the legends that coincide with it. Many do not believe that the formations are a result of Mother Nature, but instead they choose to believe a much more riveting thing occurred. There are multiple folk tales that surround the Giant’s Causeway, but none are more popular than the tale of Finn McCool. The story that you’re about to briefly hear about is what makes this destination so perfect for those who are looking to travel with children. It makes the entire visit an absolute wonderland.

The story is quite entertaining as it features Finn McCool, a giant in distress, having an issue with a particular foe, Benandonner. This opposing giant was threatening Ireland, and Finn thought it to be a wise idea to take it into his own hands. Once the challenge actually presented itself, Finn thought better of it, and he knew that he was in far over his head. Luckily, his wife had the wit to have Finn pose as a baby, and this led Benandonner to believe that if there was a baby of Finn’s size, the father had to be utterly massive.

Entertaining this story and seeing it as a part of the Giant’s Causeway is amusing, but it is also nice to be able to understand the truth behind how something became such an eyeful. You may think that I’m still talking about the story when I mention the Giant’s Boot, but I’m really not; the Giant’s Boot is actually just a basaltic rock that ironically formed in the shape of what a giant’s boot might look like. Ironically there is another notable point of interest that’s name is coined from the tale of Finn McCool. I am referring to the Giant’s Eye, a circular formation in the rock that came about due to erosion; although, you can tell the kids whatever you would like.

The Giant’s Boot and other basalt structures alike formed due to lava that flowed to the Earth’s surface and solidified due to temperature change – a dangerous phenomenon that yields beautiful results. Probably the most eye-catching aspect of the Giant’s Causeway is an array of a seemingly impossible amount of stepping-stone-like rocks, which just like the Giant’s Boot are basalt. The rocks are formed in such geometric fashion due to the creases in the ground. These rocks do not only serve as decoration; they serve as makeshift staircases that eventually submerge into the water. When you see the formations of the rocks it makes you think that there must be a guiding hand underneath all of it – it is simply breath-taking.

This is also one of the most renowned places on earth to bird watch as the serene atmosphere mixed with a plethora of aerial wildlife makes for a peaceful and stimulating experience. Do not forget to bring a camera!! The nature is unique in this location, and that extends all the way to the plant-life. There are various rare species of plant that can seldom be seen anywhere else. There aren’t many places on this Earth that combine as many stunning anomalies. The landscape is one that truly captures all that is great about nature.

Ultimately, The Giant’s Causeway is a destination fit for all kinds of people with all kinds of interests. It can invigorate children and adults in different but equal fashions. When setting your eyes on the rocks, the water, the wildlife, and the horizon at The Giant’s Causeway, you will form strong memories that will stick with you for the rest of your life. The place is simply unforgettable.