Which Wood Style are You?

What Range of Vinyl Flooring Speaks for You?

Everyone has their own style and when it comes to the home that style speaks out loud.

No matter if it is your furniture, wallpaper design, fixtures and especially your choice of flooring, your home is the structural representation of everything you. So what does your floor say about you? Not surprisingly, vinyl flooring not only has the answer but also is a leading choice for those wanting their domicile to embody their character.

Surprisingly most people opt for the wooded feel for their home as their prime choice. So if you were looking to choose from the many variants of wood design vinyl, which one speaks to your soul as the right fit?


Now this is something a little special for those who have those special affinities for the Cheshire countryside.

Oak style gives you an expensive look at a cheap option which can be displayed just as elegantly in your home as it would in a country manor or cottage. Maybe you prefer the look of weathered oak that rests between the grey and brown hues that bring an intrigue and interest in your personal touches for anyone who visits.

If you prefer a more traditional style, why not try a tinge of color to your oak flooring to capture a classical and festive ambiance.


Now here’s the style that gets people talking.

Ash is considered the cool and stylish member of the wood style vinyl family. Bringing out fine detail with its texture, Ash is a vibrant choice for any room. Dark ash may seem a little out there, but with white fixtures in the room it can really add that extra layer of slickness to your kitchen area.

But don’t feel relegated to choose just one color in the Ash gallery. Grey Ash can really lighten up your room and give it an elegant vibe.


Now here is a surprising addition to your home.

Maybe the word Maple does not ring true to how you envision your home to be represented, but it does bring something quite unique to your floor. The ranges go from light to dark and offer subtlety and sleekness to your room whilst darker toned maple can really reflect that light through your windows and give your light fittings in the room extra room to glow in the evenings.

Suppliers for Every Occasion

Whilst you may get stuck for what you want for your flooring choice to say about you, you won’t find yourself stuck for suppliers to help guide you in the right direction, each with their own bespoke offerings to really channel your identity.

Amtico is undoubtedly a major player in the world of Luxury Vinyl, in fact they are a national leading brand. Their unique selections encompass a wide variety of wood styled planks that can deliver on any household flooring. Be it their eclectic ranges of Timber, Pine and Cedar selections along with the above-mentioned options, Amtico effortlessly provides diversity in everyday living whilst giving you room to breathe with your imagination.

Luvanto is a national favourite in the field of luxury vinyl flooring and really ignites the creative sparkle in today’s home of choice, featuring exclusive selections designed by leading design experts. Invictus really breathes life into spaces with textures and palettes that catch the eye and live a long life. You are left with choices you may never have considered but yet fire up your possibilities.

No matter which wood speaks for you, vinyl gives you the scope to delve that little bit deeper into your personality.