Why LASIK WaveFront Is the Best Laser Eye Treatment In the World

LASIK WaveFront is being touted as the Best Laser Eye Treatment In the World ... photo by CC user U.S. Navy (public domain) on wikipedia.org

For a person struggling with eye problems, there used to be few options other than getting glasses or contacts. Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism all required yearly trips to the eye doctor and prescriptions that sometimes included bifocals (most of which are not very stylish) or contacts (which require cleaning, and often get lost). Now, there are many surgical options available. If you suffer from poor vision due to a common eye disorder, laser eye surgery is a permanent solution. Of all the laser surgery options available, LASIK WaveFront is the best.

Laser eye treatment involves reshaping the cornea to help correct difficulties in vision. It is usually recommended for those with mild to moderate conditions. Because LASIK WaveFront treatment involves not only mapping the shape of the eye but also predicting changes in the eyes, candidates for treatment have to be at least 18 years old as the eyes are still developing in younger patients. If you wear contact lenses, you have to remove them and use glasses for about a month to two months before surgery.

LASIK Wavefront is one of many different kinds of laser eye treatment available. What separates LASIK WaveFront from other types of laser treatment is the fact that it is a more precise method of correcting vision. Other laser treatment simply takes into account the prescription level and does a basic correction of the cornea based on how a normal eye should look. LASIK WaveFront goes a step further and strives to actually perfect the eye. It takes into account not only the prescription, but also the way that your corneas are curved as well as how thick they are to determine how best to set the lasers that will be used to perform the surgery. LASIK WaveFront surgery can be used to correct severe irregularities in your optical system.

Unlike regular laser eye treatment, LASIK WaveFront can not only sharpen your vision, but it can also improve your ability to see in finer detail. You see, there are two types of vision defects that can be corrected with laser treatment: lower order aberrations and higher-order aberrations. Most treatments only treat lower order aberrations, which are caused by errors in the way that the eyes focus light. These aberrations include nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK WaveFront, however, can treat higher order aberrations, including poor night vision and issues with contrast sensitivity.

Some patients who have regular laser surgery actually report a loss in the quality of their vision. There are times when laser surgery actually causes higher order aberrations, including visual halos and night vision problems. LASIK WaveFront eye treatment is less likely to cause these issues and can correct issues caused by previous surgery.

If you choose LASIK WaveFront laser eye treatment, you have a greater likelihood of reaching 20/20 or better vision than if you decided to go with another treatment. LASIK. WaveFront uses the latest technology and surgical methods to help you achieve the best possible vision without the complications that are common with other procedures.

Cost may be a factor that inhibits you from choosing LASIK WaveFront treatment. It can be significantly higher than other treatments due to the fact that ophthalmologists who perform the surgery have to pay royalties to the companies that make the devices every time they perform the procedures. In most cases, insurance will not cover the procedure. However, if you have suffered from eye problems most of your life and LASIK WaveFront at the www.optilase.co.uk can improve your vision, then it is an option worth exploring. It may actually save you money in the long run because you will no longer need glasses, contacts and other devices to correct your vision.

You may also have concerns about the risks associated with LASIK WaveFront treatment. After all, no procedure is without risk of complications. The potential complications of LASIK WaveFront laser eye treatment are the same as for other laser treatments–halos, glare and loss of night vision and contrast sensitivity. However, the risk of these complications from LASIK WaveFront treatment is lower than the risk from other laser treatments. As mentioned before, LASIK WaveFront can actually be used to correct vision problems from other eye surgeries.

Many considerations go into deciding what treatment is best to correct your vision. It is important to consult with your doctor, as not every treatment–including LASIK WaveFront–is right for everyone. If you are a good candidate for laser eye treatment and are exploring the different options, just know that LASIK WaveFront is the best laser eye treatment available.