Things to do in your spare time

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the many great Things to do in your spare time ...  photo by CC user Sesse on

Has your life become stale lately? Approaching middle age and completely lacking in hobbies apart from clicking on the TV after dinner every evening? If you’re desperately looking for things to do in your spare time, this post will help you bust out of your rut.

1) Read lots of interesting books

Very few people these days take the time to crack open a book, as the overlapping influences of work and mediums such as television and the internet act together to suck up one’s spare time.

Those that don’t are missing out though, as reading fiction stimulates the imagination to fill your head with the details of an engrossing story, while non-fiction titles inform you on worldly issues, teach you how to do stuff, and can inspire you achieve greater things in your life.

2) Exercise / get involved in a sports league

Frustrated with the ponch/beer belly you’ve been growing on your abdomen? It snuck up on you all these years as you threw yourself headlong into your work, and now it has you pining for the days when you were in prime, athletic shape.

You needn’t be sentenced to this state for the rest of your life though, as all it takes to get your old body back is to get off the couch and start moving. Do floor exercises, go running, and eat right. Soon enough, you’ll start feeling more energetic … use some of it by joining a sports league.

Not only will you get in fun exercise that will help maintain your newly restored body, but you’ll meet a bunch of cool new people.

3) Play online games

Your computer is not only where you get work done and communicate with friends and family, but it is also a portal to a universe of online games.

Banish your boredom with massive multiplayer role playing games, complex strategy puzzles that will twist your brain into a pretzel, or by playing netbet’s online casino games, which will not only inject excitement into your life, but will also give you a chance to make money doing something you love.

Just be sure to participate responsibly, and your spare time will be filled with thrills from this day onward.

4) Express yourself artistically

Does a creative muse live within you? Then let it out by putting a pencil to paper, a brush to canvas, or your own two hands to a spinning column of clay.

You might not produce masterpieces initially, but with regular practice, you’ll make pieces that will have your friends and family asking for original works for their homes.