Your Complete Guide to the Aries Sign

Understanding Aries traits can help you get along with family, friends and coworkers born under this sign. As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is fiery and sometimes difficult for more emotional star signs to read. However, the following information can help any zodiac get to the ram’s heart.

Know Your Numerology: Aries

Numerology has been around in one form or another for over 1,000 years. Today, numerologists use names, birth dates and other important information to determine individuals’ destinies. Zodiac signs are also associated with a specific number, with mystical meanings within the numerological system.


Numerology only uses a handful of numbers:

  • 1 through 9
  • 11
  • 22

Aries is associated with the number nine. This number finds meaning in service, though individuals may struggle to balance their needs with others’. It’s also a number that symbolizes journeys, which fits perfectly with the adventurous Aries.


Mars is the ruling planet for Aries. It’s named after the Roman god of war, making it passionate and sometimes aggressive. Signs ruled by Mars are assertive and more interested in action than planning.

Learn About Aries Traits

The personality traits of an Aries make this sign a go-getter with sights set on mountain tops. Keeping pace with the ram is tough but well worth the effort. Having an Aries on your side is great for big projects since this fire sign never backs down from a challenge.


Aries don’t have issues with self-esteem — they know they’re a great catch. Sometimes this self-confidence comes off as arrogance, but the truth is that Aries don’t need external validation. This strong belief in themselves allows individuals born under this sign to conquer challenges no one thought they could.


Once Aries decide on a goal, nothing will stop them from achieving it. They love climbing mountains for the sheer joy of it, and once they’ve checked every item on their bucket list, they’ll make another one. Their type A personalities can be a bit much for some, but people who love taking dares will thrive in this sign’s company.


The ram is never satisfied with staying in one place. Aries have the best time when they’re on the move — metaphorically and literally. This fire sign loves trying new foods, meeting new people and exploring new places. You’ll never have a dull moment when your companion is an Aries.

The Most Accurate Daily Aries Horoscope, Everyday

A daily horoscope gives you a heads-up for the next 24 hours. At a glance, you can avoid bad business deals, unsavory individuals and missteps in relationships. You can also be on the lookout for great opportunities, open to new friendships and confident in moving forward with a partner.

If you want a more general view of what’s in store for the first zodiac sign, look at an Aries yearly horoscope. This reading gives you a map of the best times to start new projects, invest money and even find love. With this guide at your fingertips, you can plan for a successful year.