6 Must-Do Adventures on the Trip to Los Angeles

With an astonishing list of attractions in the city of Los Angeles ranging from beaches, boardwalks, parks, theme parks, etc. there is enough scope for adventure lovers. We are listing some of the must-do adventures on the trip to Los Angeles along with attending a sports event.

1. Snorkel in Catalina Island 

Located off the coast of Southern California, visiting Catalina Island is a great day trip option to enjoy snorkelling. You can escape the city crowds and take a view of coral reefs and clear water with a chance to see a variety of fishes in deep water.

Heading to Catalina Island with a proper outfit and snorkel gear, you can take a ferry boat to get there. If you want to experience the taste of Mediterranean life, you can step on the coast of Catalina and get to enjoy a laid-back life in between the tall kelp forests and off the shore city.

2. Hiking on Mount Baldy

Hiking at 10,064 feet, the highest peak of Los Angeles at Mount Baldy you get to view a bald terrain with some fantastic views of Catalina Island. With snow falls during winters, the defrosted trails make for great hiking during the summer. The summit requires a tedious hike of nearly 11 miles on a round-trip basis. So, if you are tired, you can make a stop in and have lunch at the top of the Notch Restaurant.

3. Paddleboard around Balboa Island

The Balboa Island, which is located in the harbour of Newport Beach, is famous for its paddleboard. You can rent a paddleboard from nearby shops and enjoy exploring the calm waterways that run through and around the islands. And don’t forget to eat a chocolate-covered frozen banana in the vicinities of Balboa Island.

4. Drive the Malibu Coast for surfing

Located at the West of the city of Santa Monica, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, is one of the premier surf spots in Los Angeles County. Having a beautiful setting for surfing the coastline is too. Since the 1960s, Surfrider Beach has had a significant impact on Southern California surfing culture and has exemplified into the first World Surfing Reserve site in 2010. Spend some time in this excellent surfing environment and enjoy the Southern California beach culture.

5. Ride on a Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

A memorable roller coaster ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain has a 255-foot drop into a dark tunnel at 85 miles per hour. Named as Tatsu, which is one of the tallest, fastest and the longest flying coasters on Earth, it also turns your body upside down six times in one ride. To boost your adrenaline thirst, Magic Mountain is the right place for you. Surviving some of the most extreme coasters, you can brag your achievement with your friends and post some fantastic Instagram pics of this beauty.

6. Attend a Sports Event at Dodger Stadium 

And lastly, in this list how can we forget not to mention a visit to a sports event at Los Angeles which is one of the true cathedrals of significant league baseball. Started in 1962, this stadium has represented eight World Series, and the team of Dodgers has four World Championships in their credit.

Watching a baseball match at Dodger Stadium is a dream come true for any baseball fan. They can cherish baseball’s most historic moments just by sitting at the stadium is a moment in itself. During the off-season, this stadium also hosts some of the most fabulous entertainment sporting events of the country, including the NHL Series or rock concerts. SportsWhereIAm like websites are some reliable sources that provide reasonable tickets for these sports events.

Located on the Chavez Ravine hillside with the most picturesque settings this stadium gives a panoramic view of the sun setting, palm trees and the mountains in the distance thus creating the magic of Los Angeles city which one cannot describe in words. 

The energetic atmospheres of Los Angeles and the adventure part of their Lifestyle makes this City of Angels one of the most scenic and engaging cities in the world!