4 Reasons why we should not take the NHS for Granted

We are fortunate in the UK to have a National Health Care System that takes care of us when we are in need of medical assistance. Sometimes we take it for granted but the truth is we have got it pretty good.

Nhs continuing care


The NHS saves millions of lives every year

If you live in the UK then your mum, dad, brothers, sisters and extended family and all your friends have all used the NHS at some point in their lives. It is easy to moan about waiting lines and busy hospitals but the fact is the NHS caters to the 66 million people living in our country. There will be a time in your life when you desperately need the services of the NHS and the doctors and nurses will be there to help you and potentially save your life. The NHS services save thousands of lives each year and millions of individuals throughout their lifetime.


It is Free

It is true that people complain about the NHS and while it might not be perfect, it is free.  Of course, the taxes we pay are what fund the NHS so it’s of course not entirely free but the national healthcare system is available to everyone no matter what situation they are in.

Compare that to the United States another very advanced and industrialized country which does not even have a universal healthcare program. In fact, US healthcare is the most expensive on the planet meaning that money is preventing people from accessing good quality healthcare.


The NHS provides us with a vast array of services

The NHS can be used in medical emergencies, hospitalization and for check-ups and treatment in thousands of clinics around the country. Whether you slip over and break your arm or suffer something more serious like a heart attack your treatment and hospitalization will be covered by the NHS. Checkups and appointments with your GP and any specialists that you are referred to are also covered as well as the sometimes complex medical exams that you require.

Those with long term health issues can also qualify for free social care on an ongoing basis, this kind of service is called NHS continuing care. NHS continuing care is available for people of all ages who require ongoing assistance with their disability, illness or accident that the NHS universal services cannot cater for alone. Healthcare professionals will assess your personal situation and the need for this ongoing care before deciding whether you can qualify. Here are 3 situations where individuals can qualify for NHS continuing care.


The NHS employs the best-qualified doctors

The NHS provides jobs for 1.5 million people in the UK with 150,00 doctors and 320,00 nurses and midwives. On top of this, the NHS hires up to 3,000 doctors a year from around the world to ensure we have enough doctors to cater to everyone and to make sure the best and most qualified doctors are in our hospitals and clinics.