5 Advantages of an Agile Project in Business

Agile projects use a flexible, adaptable approach that brings some tremendous advantages with it. With constant planning and feedback, the overall goal of this way of working is to see continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

This all sounds good in theory, but what can you really expect to find in term of real-life advantages that you can genuinely see? Let’s take a look at the 5 main advantages of this way of working.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Since this is one of the key goals of Agile projects, it is no surprise to see that it is also one of the main advantages. Customers remain involve and engaged throughout the whole process, meaning that they are far more likely to be satisfied with the results

Regular reviews mean that the customer can see the functionality as it progresses at every stage. The project team can also respond quickly and accurately to change requests when using this methodology.

Lower Risk

The risk of a project failing is one of the biggest concerns for any company. No-one wants to invest time, money and effort into a piece of work that could end up going absolutely nowhere. In fact, it is this sense of risk that stops many projects from ever getting off the ground.

One of the great things with an Agile project is that the risk level is far lower. Work is carried out in rapid, incremental cycles. With regular reviews to check on the progress, this means that there is a far lower risk of anything going wrong.

Greater Level of Control

As we can see from the previous points, there is a high level of control in an Agile project. Everyone who is involved in the work has numerous opportunities to find out what is going on and add their thoughts.

This means that no-one should feel as though they are being kept in the dark. A greater feeling of transparency allows everyone to work together confidently and with a sense of togetherness. Daily meetings and regular reviews mean nothing should be left to slip along out of control without anyone noticing it.

A Happier Project Team

It is no surprise to see that the benefits we have look at so far should lead to a happier project team. This is a huge factor for most businesses, as they can’t afford to undergo the effect of a massive turnover of project staff on a regular basis. Keeping good staff and developing them is one of the keys to being successful.

The starting point is to train project staff by sending them on Agile Courses. After this, they can grow their skills as they carry out real-life projects. It is a satisfying way of working and the fact that it involves a high level of collaboration with others can be great news for their career development too.

Quality End Results Every Time

All of the above add up to a way of working that is designed to give quality end results every single time. For a start, the requirements are constantly up to date, so that the finished product or process should always be fit for purpose at the time it is released.

In addition, continuous improvement and regular testing ensure that the end result is robust and ready to use seamlessly. Each new release should build on the functionality that has gone before, leading to a final product that is predictable in its level of quality.

Many companies all over the world have already benefited from making the switch to Agile projects. If you are looking to produce better, more effective projects then this methodology could be exactly what you need from now on.