How You Can Get Involved in Online Gaming

I have loved playing video games since I was a child growing up in the 90s, this was the generation of the Mega Drive and the SNES and I have graduated to each console ever since. Despite now being an adult with responsibilities, my love for gaming has never really stopped and since the dawn of the internet, there are so many more ways and means that we can use to indulge in our game playing passion.

I had never really thought much about using the internet for my gaming until a few years ago when my buddy Sammy Zherka told me about the games which he plays when he gets a minute to himself. Since then I have never looked back and if you want to get involved with online gaming then here are some ways in which you can do it.

Go Retro

I recently found a couple of websites which have these online emulators, what these programs do is allow you to play all of the retro classics on your laptop instead of requiring an old console to do so. Being a child of the 90s I loved nothing more than games like Sonic and Super Mario and these websites allow you to play those games on the internet. I have become little addicted recently in all honesty and once you started playing them, you probably will too!!

Console Online

For years I never unlocked the online function of my console to connect with players from all over the World, now that I have, I rarely play any other way. One of my favorite games is the FIFA soccer series and I regularly play matches against people from all four corners of the globe. Playing these games online adds a whole other dimension to you game playing and I love the idea that I could be playing someone in Zimbabwe one minute and Canada the next.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone gaming is one of the best ways that I have found to pass my time when I am sat on the bus or waiting for someone to show up and the large majority of them have online features. I love to play driving games on my phone and regularly have races against people from all over the World. The beauty of dong this on your phone means that you can be anywhere and still be able to play thanks to mobile data.

Online Multiplayers

It is not my cup of tea but I have friends who love nothing more than spending hours and hours playing games like World of Warcraft. These enormous strategy games are played as part of a huge community across the World and if you want to connect with people and play as part of a huge team against other groups and communities then this is where you should be looking. Be very careful however as you could find yourself spending days at a time locked in a virtual world!