Tricky Business – How Casinos Are Using Law Loops for Advertising

Of the currently operating gambling zones of legal casinos in many countries of the world, only one and only gamers have the opportunity to play gambling games without going far from their place of residence – virtual casinos where they can get more info about new gambling products. The laudable desire of customers to follow the rules and not to do anything illegal pushes gambling houses themselves to be law-abiding. The number of online casinos in the network is amazing, and the government is not going to take away the opportunity to play from residents of many countries. Indeed, such an opportunity to play online casinos in these countries today is not against the law. In this regard, gambling enthusiasts can not worry and play virtual gambling on slender grounds. As for the organization of online casinos in many countries, it is prohibited. The law prohibits the opening and advertising of any casino, both ordinary and virtual, but the owners of gambling houses have also shown ingenuity here.

After starting an online casino, casino advertising is a must. Fortunately, the methods and ways of online advertising now abound. But the problem now is that the online casino is banned and it’s no longer easy to place a casino advertising.

Ways of online casinos’ advertising

Contextual advertising online casinos. Yes, you read that right. Although there is a ban on advertising sites gambling topics, but I think that you very often saw ads in the same Yandex. Direct or Google Adsense motley casino ads. The whole trick is to properly create an advertising campaign and launch it. There are also two options for this:

  1. the first option, you create a landing page, on which there is no direct offer for gambling, there is no casino advertising for money, but it is aimed at gamblers who are willing and ready to play for money. On this page, write a good text in which there are contextual links, when you click on that, a potential player will be sent to another site where you can already beautifully present a game for money. This method is not entirely profitable, as it is rather complicated and it is necessary to perform several actions, but as an alternative it can be quite applicable with proper and competent advertising digging;
  2. the second option, you create an advertising campaign for the site, which is also a thematic excitement, but is for informational purposes only. After the advertising campaign is approved, it allocates a redirect of this site to your casino.

Teaser ads. The main advantage of this type of advertising is that you can quickly and easily set up and place casino advertising on a large number of suitable sites. Minus that there are very few quality, a lot of garbage traffic. If you are lucky to find a good teaser, then you just have to come up with a tempting ad unit that will force a potential client to go to your casino site and start the game;

Direct banner casino advertising on gambling sites. This type of advertising is more effective, the main thing is to choose high-quality sites for placing banners, having previously studied the statistics of visits to donor sites and the behavior of visitors on these sites. If you competently select several sites and mark the banners of your casino on them in visible places, you will more than pay back investments that are not cheap in advertising your casino banners on thematic sites;

Advertising casino with partners. If you have a pretty good casino, you should think about an affiliate program, thanks to which you will be able to attract additional income to your establishment. The casino affiliate program must be competitive in comparison with other online casinos and offer better conditions than others, or at least the same conditions, but be more attractive;

Placement of promotional materials on gambling sites. Thanks to this type of advertising you can get a double benefit. Namely, by placing a review of a casino or a specific promo of your casino, on the donor site with a gambling audience, you receive traffic to your site, which is converted into deposits, and you can also put an anchor link to your site in the text of the promotional article. As a result, with a large placement of such promotional materials, you get direct traffic from donor sites, as well as the natural growth of positions on the posted anchors of your casino site. The plus of this type of advertising is that you pay once, and the posted article remains forever on the donor’s website.

Is online casino advertising legally valid?

The AdWords rule book (Google Code) in the section “Gambling advertisements” explicitly states that advertisements for land-based and online casinos are unacceptable. Therefore, those involved in the promotion of such resources have to use workarounds:

  1. Prerolls in videos: advertising inserts in the video. The biggest traffic bring resources with online TV shows or movies;
  2. Banner advertising. Despite the prohibition of direct casino advertising on the Internet, there are several tricks. The most common are two ways:
  • Option 1. You create a player-oriented website with useful and interesting information for them (but without a direct offer to play in the casino). He will participate in the campaign and displayed on banners. The text on the page of this site should contain links leading to the casino page. Cons of this option: tangled; requires a lot of action: the creation of multiple sites, etc.;
  • Option 2. Also create an information site for players. After the advertising campaign has been approved and banners are placed, redirect from your site to the casino site. Cons of this option: possible sanctions against you.