Virtual chatting – what to avoid

Virtual chatting can help make the love connection you've been looking for
Photo by CC user 27707 on Pixabay

Talking to strangers online is now very popular thanks to the rise of technology and dating apps such as Tinder, Skout and Victoria Hearts. Now that the internet has higher bandwidth and that more people have devices with webcams and microphones, it is indeed easier to chat to people across the globe without having to pay and expensive phone bill or having to be in the same room. However not everyone knows how online chat works, and some people think it isn’t very real because it takes place virtually; but just like the phone, online chat is very real and there are things that we should avoid doing.

Do not lie

It is easy to pretend you’re someone else when you’re just chatting away on your keyboard to someone on the other side of the planet, but people have gone wiser to that. You won’t get away with pretending you’re a rich playboy if you’re trying to meet people on dating websites; as they will eventually find out once they meet you for real. Even if you’re just dating casually and going for some naughty chat, you’re better off being yourself. Of course, you can always role-play, that is in fact the best thing to do when you want to have fun with other people. The difference is that you still tell people you’re role playing so it’s not a lie.

No private details

It’s easy to get comfortable when chatting online with new people but remember that you don’t really know them. So make sure you’re keeping your privacy secure. Phone numbers, addresses, bank details… all those things belong to you only so don’t ever give out those details to strangers you meet online. You might even have a credit card or a bank letter lying around and believe it or not people can sometimes make out the details on those things; because webcams are getting better and better every day. So stay safe by keeping your privacy in check; don’t ever give away personal details to strangers online. Ultimately no one should ever ask you about your bank details; as soon as they ask for money then you know it’s a scam; just hang up and move away from that person.

Stay in control

This applies especially to the realm of online dating. Keep your clothes on even if you’re having a dirty chat; at least for the first few times you meet that person. You never know, they could be recording the conversation and they could then threaten to send the video to you friends and family on social media. It happens a lot so if a hot lady suddenly befriends you on social media and asks to have a naughty webcam chat then you know that it’s too good to be true; it’s most likely a scam. It’s easy to do the wrong things when you’re not thinking with your brain,  but just remember that the more you keep it together the better. Stay in control and use your sense of logic before thinking with your other body parts and you will avoid a lot of hassle.