Creating the Trade Show Display Booth That Will Get Your Company Noticed!

But bringing together the entire industry in one several days long event, everyone involved in the industry gifts to experience the companies that are leading the industry, others that are emerging and other still that have aspirations of being a part of either of these groups.

Preparing for a trade show is a months-long endeavor. It should be led by the marketing department and involve several departments at your company. Product development should have a major role in your trade show presentations. Because there is also the opportunity to sell product in these environments, your sales department should be a core element in setting up your display booth and your strategy for interacting with those walking the floor at the trade shows. Senior Management should get involved 2 contact your most important customers or potential customers and get meetings set with them at the trade show. Preparing for and participating in a trade show can easily become a company-wide endeavor.

The primary tool to make a statement for your company, to attract those who are walking around the trade show and to present your brand and services, is your trade show display. Its design and function is critical for delivering the type of message that you want to the industry. For this reason it deserves a considerable amount of attention and focus to ensure that it delivers the desired results. Here’s some ideas for making a trade show display that will help grow your business.

Make it Custom

Many companies choose to purchase ready-made display booths to present their companies at trade shows. If your business is very small, you have an extremely limited amount of products that will only service a small percentage of the market or if your budget is extremely tight, this might be the best path to take for your company. However, small prefabricated display booths rarely attract attention when they have placed next to larger custom displays.

Dedicating the resources to create a custom display booth for your business can pay great dividends. Remember this they will be hundreds of companies on display each fighting for the attention of those walking the event floor. Some of those people will be looking for your company but the vast majority will likely either not know of your business or not know that you were there. A custom trade show display will be the first interaction with your brand and your products. Use this opportunity to impress them and to make a strong statement to the rest of the industry.

Make it Multi-media

Because you will you so much competition with tension at the trade show, you need to make sure that your booth has elements that get you noticed. For this reason you should make your trade show booth multimedia. Include television monitors with interesting video content playing, LED and other types of lights that draw attention, and music of the style that your potential customers will love. Also give those who stopped at your booth opportunities to interact with your products, services, and people. The more things you give them to do, the longer they will stay at your booth and the more great questions they will have for you. Remember questions lead to sales.

Utilize trade shows to market your brand and products to customers who have paid to attend this marketing and sales environment. Put your company’s best look forward with a custom display.