David Turlington on How Electrical Engineering Is the Greatest Revolution of all Times

The field of electrical engineering, to many, sounds incredibly boring. This is because what people think of, is a repairman working on the power grid, or other such professionals. First of all, those professions aren’t boring either, and they serve an incredibly valuable purpose to society as a whole. Secondly, people like David Turlington, who have degrees in electrical engineering, can find very different career opportunities. In fact, Turlington himself believes that electrical engineering is a true revolution, and perhaps even the greatest one of all times. So what are some of the engineering miracles and wonders that classify this as such a revolution?

David Turlington Reveals Key Electrical Engineering Developments

Some of the greatest developments made possible by electrical engineering include:

  1. Cellular telecommunications. The first mobile phones, released on the market just a couple of decades ago, were huge, bulky devices. Their reception was nothing short of terrible. However, by the 1990s, electrical engineers had started to focus more strongly on GSM technology and, suddenly, mobile phones could do a whole lot more than simply make and receive telephone calls. Fast forward to today, and it seems impossible to consider that people don’t have mobile phones and they organize every element of our lives. Thanks to electrical engineers, we can use our cellphones to check the news and the weather, find and speak to long lost friends, arrange our diaries, create budgets, and more.
  2. Computer electronics. The breakthroughs in cellphones have been made possible mainly by developments in computer technology. By understanding electrical engineering, computers have been created that are easy to understand and to use, but that can perform highly complex functions. Again, the cellphone is a good example of that. When you check your Twitter notifications on your cellphone, you do so with ease, without every truly thinking on how that is made possible. Yet the reality is that, behind that simple action, or behind the fact that you see a beautiful new picture every morning on your Windows 10 computer, lies the brain of an electrical engineer.
  3. Space exploration. It is thanks to rocket science that it has been possible to put a man on the moon. However, it was the electrical engineers who made it possible for people to see 3D images of Mars and other planets. The electrical engineers are the ones who have to deal with new technology requirements and malfunctioning equipment. They push the boundaries and break through limitations, changing how we see the world as a whole. As a result, if we ever manage to get outside of the solar system, it will be thanks to electrical engineers.

These are just three elements in which electrical engineers have changed the world, and there are many more. Consider great minds like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. They were the pioneer electrical engineers and if it wasn’t for people like them, our world would be a boring, darker place right now.