Discussing Great Europe Getaways with Michael Volitich 

If you are anything like me, you have the bug to travel.  Travelling is a great way to open your mind and allows you to experience a vast array of cultures and lifestyles.  If you are new to travelling or simply haven’t travelled before it can be a tough decision to decide where to start.  I have been speaking recently with Michael Volitich about some great European getaways and how city breaks can get you your travelling fix.  Below I have included some great getaways and trip advise on some of the greatest cities Europe has to offer.


Whether you are travelling with a group of friends, family or your partner, Berlin has a lot to offer to every type of person.  I visited Berlin fairly recently and I was astounded by the beauty of the city.  Before even talking about what activities are available, you must soak in the beautiful architecture.  Berlin has a strange, yet great mixture of historical and modern buildings and will guarantee to bump up your Instagram feed content.  What really stuck out to me was the mass of street art that Berlin has to offer, whether it be the fascinating sculptures or entire buildings covered with masterpieces.  After you have finished exploring parts of this great city, checking out the nightlife is a must.  I understand hitting nightclubs or bars isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but that will not stop you having a great time.  Berlin has every type of restaurant you can think of, whether it be trying out a local currywurst or something a bit closer to home.


Like Berlin, Krakow is beautiful and has a lot of historical importance to society.  I would recommend Krakow to anybody, it is relatively cheap and has a lot of tourist hotspots.  A great place to start is Krakow’s market square, the market square is jammed pack of bars, restaurants and cafes.  Through the day I urge you to book yourself in for as many tours as you can, there are numerous tour shops or stalls that will book the tour for you. You will find a lot of harrowing yet inspirational tours of Auschwitz and Schindler’s factory.  Along with the countless museums and stunning riverfront, you will also have the opportunity to visit Krakow’s famous salt mine.  After a long day of exploring, Krakow has a huge jazz scene that is unfamiliar to most.  The city is scattered with jazz bars, that serve great cocktails and indulge your ears with live music.


A recurring factor about the places I am mentioning is beauty and Prague is no different.  Prague for me is one of my favourites, it is dripping with culture and doesn’t take a massive hit on your wage packet.  Whether it be the near enough 24-hour bars or visiting Prague Castle, it is a fantastic experience.  Like Krakow it has a worldwide famous town square and you have many fun activities you can partake in.  A lot of the activities we arranged, were actually included with the holiday package we purchased.  We went to a shooting range, we went white water rafting and we did not even scratch the surface of what was available to us.

Do It!

Hopefully I have given you some ideas on where to book up for your next break.  If not, that’s fine, everybody has their preferences.  I do however urge you to not let the opportunity pass you by, if you have the chance to travel and explore, do it!