Hidden UK Treats to Discover

You are probably familiar with the classic sights to see while you’re in the United Kingdom. Big Ben, Stonehenge, and the Tower of London, to name a few. What happens, however, once you’ve visited those famous sites and you want to get a great taste of the UK? Now you need to know how to get the most of your travel experience.

Take a Bite

The British have never been known for their cuisine. As tourists we may try the steak and kidney pie or toad in the hole but we tend to do it more as a dare than as a culinary treat. The fish and chips are a must to try and the first taste will remind you while they’re a classic. Further afield, you might be tempted to try other UK specialties like haggis. Then, if you’re like most tourists, you probably stick to enjoying the UK’s finest ales at a pub.

This where the exploration ends for many UK visitors. Having sampled a few UK classics, they may spend the rest of their trip dining on whatever food is convenient. That’s a huge mistake. The UK, particular the big cities like London, have a huge diversity of food to offer. Curries have become a key part of life in the UK and no visit to the UK is complete without enjoying a sampling of the country’s great curries offerings.

The next secret to exploring the UK food experience is to try the incredible range of ethnic foods. Immigration to the UK from around the world has made the UK into a dream destination for any foodie. Name the country or style of cuisine and you can probably find it here. The bustling restaurant scene has made the UK a great place for mom and pop restaurants to bring recipes that have been in their families for generations. As a visitor, this diversity of food is something you won’t want to miss.


Sure, if you’re visiting London, a quick visit to see the Crown Jewels is probably already on your itinerary. Perhaps you’ve even set aside a few hours to see a few of the top items in the UK’s museums in whatever cities you’ll be visiting. Keep in mind that seeing only a few things in each of the museums doesn’t begin to do these museums justice.

The UK is home to some of the most impressive museum collections in the world, from ancient Egyptian treasures to the top modern art. Some of the key parts of the UK’s history collection isn’t even found in museums. You’ll want to catch the rolling history in the form of London’s double decker buses and classic black taxis. Don’t miss a ride in the Tube or walks along scenic cobblestone streets. Practically any city or village you visit will have a castle, the remnants of a fort, or quaint homes that reflect a unique period in the UK’s history. Take the time to get off the beaten track to discover the real, everyday history of around you.