Janet Pribanic – Hosting the Perfect World Cup Party

It is that time again, the competition which does around once every four years and excites just about everyone on the planet, the FIFA World Cup. This year’s tournament takes place in Russia and despite the intentions of my good friend Janet Pribanic and myself, we will unfortunately not be attending the competition as we did in Brazil last time round. Not being in Russia to enjoy the World Cup however will not deter me from supporting the boys, and instead we will be putting together the number 1 World Cup party in the neighborhood, for all of the important games.

If you too want to throw a World Cup party, here are some top tips on doing so.


Whatever you do, don’t forget what the party is about, and along with the food, drinks and guests, there is some serious action taking place on the screen. With this in mind it will be crucial that you have a solid entertainment system through which to view the games. The TV needs to be big enough for everyone to see and the sound will need to be clear and loud. If you don’t already have such equipment, there are many companies who rent them out for the World Cup, invest a little and make sure that your party is one which is all about the football.


If you want to throw a BBQ prior to the game that will work very well, but make sure that you don’t commit to too much cooking. All people really want at an event like this is some snacks, so this is where you should lay your focus. If you are feeling adventurous then you could rustle something up that is from the country which you will be watching on the screen. If you are going to ask guests to contribute to the snacking situation, you will need to manage it so that people don’t bring the same things. The only cooking which I would recommend would be a one pot meal such as chile, easy to prepare, easy to keep warm, and absolutely delicious.


Football, food and drinks are not enough on their own, and it will be up to you to inject some fun into proceedings. To begin with you should encourage fancy dress, relating to the countries which you will be watching on the screen. You could also conjure up some drinking games to play along with the football, and of course, a World Cup party won’t be complete without a little game of football at half time or full time. Stay with the theme throughout your party with football or World Cup quizzes, and make sure that everyone gets aboard with the fun and games.

Parties are the best way to enjoy a World Cup, and if you follow these tips you can make sure that it really goes off with a bang.