Does Your Business Need Some Authority Behind It?

Does Your Business Need Some Authority? Join the 'in' crowd by implementing what you learn in this post.

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Do you sometimes feel like your business has a great message, yet not too many people truly know about it?

Unfortunately, there are probably many business owners who can attest to that feeling.

They have a great product and/or service, but getting the word out there to consumers is hampered by one or more reasons. As a result, they’re doing the level of business that not only they would like to do, but truly need to do in order to have a healthy revenue stream.

With that being the case, does your business need some authority behind it?

Turn to Experts for Speaking Engagements

If your business is quite frankly floundering to one degree or another, what do you plan to do about it moving forward?

While there are undoubtedly some quick fixes you could deploy, that essentially is akin to putting a Band-Aid on the matter.

In the event you want to really get at the problem, consider the following:

    • Where your promotional efforts are going – If you feel like your business is not receiving the attention it should, are you properly promoting it? In some cases, your advertising and marketing efforts might be directed in the wrong areas. Whether the demographics are wrong, the vehicles with which you are trying to push your advertising and marketing, or the message itself is not resonating with the public, these are all things you can address (and oftentimes must);


    • Do I have the right messengers? – Maybe it isn’t your message that is off, but perhaps it is those people delivering the word? Some folks are great at public speaking, others not so great. You might consider LAI’s blog about public speaker topic and trends as one option. When you have speakers from any company or organization who can really get through to your intended audience, it can make all the difference in the world. If you go searching for speakers outside of your company to talk to potential clients, do your research. How long have they been doing public speaking? How can they deliver a better message than you or someone on your staff? Lastly, what kind of deal will you agree to as far as how many speeches and what the rates will be? Going outside your business for public speaking assistance is certainly not a bad idea, especially if you can nail down the right messengers;


    • Never leave out the social message – Finally, how much time and effort does your business put into social media promotions? As more and more brands have discovered in more recent times, social media is all but a necessity for one’s business. You might hear some business owners say that they can’t get a true read on how well or not well social media is doing for them, so they eventually forgo it or avoid it altogether. Unfortunately, avoiding it is one of the worst mistakes you can make. From engaging with current and potential customers on social sites to showing off your latest brand videos, there is so much to be gained by socializing with others. Finally, be sure to do as much cross-promotions as possible. While you do not have to be active on social media 24/7, the more promoting you do of your brand and other brands who are not direct competitors, the more consumers will get to familiarize themselves with you and your company;


  • Review and review some more – The businesses who are typically most successful are those not afraid to review and even revamp the way they go about doing things. If you want to call it pushing the envelope, that is another way to look at things. Don’t stand pat to the point of where your brand becomes boring and downright stale. Those representing your brand as far as employees, public speakers etc. need to always show consumers how innovative your brand truly is. In doing so, you give yourself the best opportunity to stand out from your direct competitors.

If you’re in need of either getting a better message or better messengers, don’t waste time.

Begin looking at what you are currently doing, how you can improve it, and why consumers should choose you when all is said and done.