Is your business seeing the fine print?

Is your business seeing the fine print?

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In order for your business to truly differentiate itself from the competition, it has to be winning over consumers on a number of fronts.

For starters, you have to produce marketing materials that will not only capture the attention of consumers, but also resonate with them when all is said and done.

So, what type of marketing items will get noticed by consumers, yet not cost you an arm and a leg at the same time?

Business Cards, Brochures, and More

When it comes to making an impact in the business world, it is the consumer who will determine whether your brand truly succeeds or not.

So that you can better position your brand for success, keep the following pointers in mind when promoting your company:

  • Printings – You have myriad of options when it comes to printing. Whether you opt for brochures, pamphlets, flyers, business cards, the list is literally endless. The key in all of this is making sure you find the right printing company to do business with. In searching for the right brochure printing, research how long each printer has been in business, what level of customer satisfaction they have achieved, and what kind of rates/money back guarantee they offer. Be sure to ask for as many samples as possible from each company you consider doing business with. Once you have narrowed down the field, go with the one who not only offers the best in quality materials, but also reasonable prices. Remember, your printed efforts can go a long way in securing new business, so don’t necessarily take the cheapest and/or first printing company you come across;

  • Content – How much time and effort have you placed on marketing content, specifically on your website? If you do not have a blog up to this point, be sure to start one moving forward. A business blog can be a treasure-trove of information for consumers, not to mention win you over business. The blog should not be self-serving, yet still highlight some of the reasons your brand is better than what competitors have to offer. Make sure the content is updated regularly, is promoted on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.), and provides a call to action for consumers;

  • Social media – Speaking of social media a moment ago, social sites are all but a necessity for today’s business owners. If you’re not using social media, you are clearly missing out on some golden opportunities to promote your brand. You can use social media to not only promote your marketing content, but also for company videos. Those videos can do wonders for your brand is showcasing your products and/or services. In doing so, you open up a visual experience to consumers. The videos should not be too long (30-60 seconds is typically perfect). Including some customer testimonials is a good idea, as other consumers will be hearing firsthand from people just like them;

  • Networking – Assuming you are attending a number of networking events, be they local or across the country, your business should always look to leave a positive impression with consumers and other business leaders. Handing out your business card and other promotional events tied to your brand is a no-brainier. Your business cards should include standard information (name, address, phone number, email address, company website etc.), along with a catchy logo and/or color scheme. Face it; there are many business cards out there that are simply too plain to really have an impact. Make sure your cards stand out when put side-by-side with various other ones. Finally, never attend a networking event without coming home with other business cards. While you are not likely to do business with a direct competitor, there could very well be other businesses at the networking event you attend that would benefit from doing business with you and vice-versa.


Seeing the fine print when it comes to your business means taking advantage of any and all promotion opportunities.

Your company’s ability to succeed greatly hinges on your ability to get its name out there in front of the public.

Finding the right printing company for such needs is where you start the process.

Is your business seeing the fine print when it is all is said and done? If you listen to this post, it will.