Fun Activities to Enjoy on Maui

A Luau is one of the Fun Activities to Enjoy on Maui ... photo by CC user Shawn Lea on Flickr

Have you gone to Maui before, but felt you could have had a livelier time? In this post, we will suggest some fun activities to enjoy on Maui that will up the excitement quotient considerably.

Let’s get started below…

1) Attend a Luau

Many people head to Hawaii to simply relax and enjoy themselves … while this isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, if you are looking to inject a bit more fun on your next vacation in Maui, try attending a Luau.

A Luau is a party, usually held outdoors, that features Hawaiian food, drink and entertainment. You’ll get to try local specialties like poke and kalua pig, and it is at these events where one can witness authentic hula dancing.

Instead of segregating yourself to your sun lounger at your resort on your next trip, come out and experience a key part of Hawaiian culture.

2) Find an awesome surf break and rip it up

Stationed out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands are subject to some of the gnarliest surf conditions on the planet.

Maui is no exception to this rule, as there are many surf breaks where you can pick up the sport, or carve all day if you are an experienced wave rider.

While you’ll need to take special care to respect the locals, there are many days when the riding is rad, and given the nature of the winds whipping up off the north shore, it is also a great place for those looking to get in a kitesurfing session.

While this sounds like an amazing way to spend a vacation, you may be aware that a full day spent chasing swells can be exhausting.

Are luxury Maui vacation rentals ideal for groups that are looking to spend an entire week surfing some of the best breaks the world has to offer?

You bet they are, as they provide a relaxing place to crash after a day spent pushing the envelope. While the price tag may be elevated, sharing the cost with a multitude of buddies makes staying in one of these suites an attainable goal.

3) Go on a round island road trip

Unlike the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui’s small size makes it realistic to drive around in a day. Rent a car or SUV with your friends and set out in search of small town/rural Hawaii, mountains, and awe-inspiring seascapes.

Purchase some fresh mangoes from a fruit stand, stop off at any one of numerous deserted beaches along the way, or take in the power of numerous thundering waterfalls that carry down runoff from tropical downpours to the eternal Pacific below … the possibilities are endless.

The last part of this route is a bit sketchy, with many companies advising against and excluding damage suffered on the unimproved roads on the route’s southeastern portion (known as County Road 330). If you are willing to accept the risk though, the views will stay with you for a life time.