Elite Executive Endorsements: Why Business Should Invest Their Time into Executive Suites

Plush, leather couches that overlook the skyline, in New York, Miami or even Los Angeles, sit in the lobby. The polished marble floors shine as the mid-aday sun peaks through the tinted windows. You can smell the affluence that surrounds you.

This could be an office that belongs to an investment company or one that belongs to a prestigious law office, but it’s not. This is an executive suite, managed by one of the many premium serviced office providers in the United States. Not only does the space present a professional appearance to clients visiting the building, but also provides your business with a professional address for you to proudly display on your business marketing materials and your business card, giving you instant credibility in the local business community.

To learn more as to why businesses find executive suites an attractive investment, keep reading below.

Professional Image in a Prime Location

One of the main reasons why an executive suite is a good investment for business owners is to impress your clients with an address in a prestigious, sought-after business district of the city. High-profile industries that need to be located in some of the most affluent, prestigious business districts can find themselves in one of the skyscrapers overlooking any American city for a fraction of what it would cost with a conventional lease. To see some of the major cities where serviced office companies lease premium office space, check out the following link: http://www.servcorp.com/en/executive-suites/.

Reduced Overheads

Another major advantage of an executive suite is that it provides tenants with the use of other facilities such as a private office, as well as meeting and conference rooms. Other amenities like internet capabilities, utilities, and a receptionist are also included in packages from premium providers.

With a conventional lease in the same location, renters pay rent for space and other amenities, even if they do not use either. Leasing an executive suite reduces your overhead because the areas that you are renting is shared space, which means that other businesses share the floor.

Leasing Terms

Executive suite leasing terms are more flexible in comparison to traditional leasing agreements. Traditional leases require a renter commit to at least a year’s contract. For better rates, some of the leasing agreements can run longer, even as long as ten years. While you can bargain with a conventional leasing company, they usually require you to commit to a longer time, which might not be appropriate for the type of business you are running. With an executive suite, renters are not bound by lengthy leases. In fact, premium providers offer month-to-month payment options, giving you increased flexibility to move or expand as necessary.


These leases can also be modified to fit the needs of the business. If at the beginning of your lease, your business may well still in its initial stages. However, by year three, the business might have grown quite considerably. With an executive suite, you have the option of adding to your lease to meet the needs of the growing business, which is an attractive option as it allows your business to grow with ease.

Executive suites also give you the opportunity to work from more than one location within the country or even the world. In addition, if you do need to relocate, offices in other cities are available, so the leases are transferable, depending on the company. Just in terms of the versatility of the lease, an executive suite is a very convenient option for businesses who are still in transition or looking to expand operations into new markets.

Why Business Should Invest Their Time into Executive Suites

In terms of getting more bang for your buck, an executive suite does just that. It offers businesses an opportunity to work in some of the best cities in the country at the fraction of the cost when compared with conventional office leasing.

And, that skyline that you so long to look at while waiting for your business meetings in the evening is now within your budget. You can easily impress your clients, put your best foot forward and give your chance every chance to thrive.