Making Great First Impressions

First Impressions are an unchangeable moment in time.  There will be many of these over your life, but there can only always be one first.

It may be what you say, or what you do….It can be what you look like, or even if you were early ontime or late that is the stand out.  The one thing that’s remembered specifically about you.  We are unable to control some of our actions due to where and how we were raised or even where we come from.  Lineage really does say something about each individual weather we are aware of it or not.

According to research its 7 seconds.  It only takes as little as 7 seconds to leave that lasting one and only first impression, so remember it is a must that we make it count.  Never let something as simple as your approach to a certain subject or the way you stand holding your hands together or apart be the defining item that is talked about after you are long gone from the party.  From eye contact to the stylish watch face on your wrist should be impressive.  Memorable even stand out, it’s little things can mean the most.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated over that will happen.  Nerves and unintentional items seem to always to the blame for when things don’t go the way we want or even expect them to happen.  Just breathe and be yourself.  Relaxed and put together may often be the best look and way to go.  It can depend on where or what the first impression is.  Be it an interview, a date, a vacation or even a trip back in time with a class reunion or birthday party.  Just let things happen.

The best you can do to give a first impression is be normal.  Trying to be something or someone you are not is always a last resort.  It can easily be seen through and oftentimes comes off fake and not personal.  The cookie cutters of the world are a dime a dozen, you always want to be worth more.  Always be the one remembered for the positive.  Maybe something as simple as your smile can be your first impression.

We tend to want to teach the next generation that it’s only natural to leave that perfect first impression but it may not be as important today as it was in the past.  In a world that has so much available to research and look into someone’s life, even without meeting them, your first impression may already be laid before you.  What you post, link or picture yourself as online or in media situations makes it hard to backtrack what you want someone to think of or know about you.  So to expect perfection in your first meeting is still important today but it’s not always a deal breaker.

In short leave a lasting impression.  Be the one that they talk about positively.  Be kind, be friendly, be who your mother and father “raised right” and the rest will fall into place easily.  You never want your first impression to be your last by any means.  Please and thank you still go a long way and most of all style and etiquette mean just as much as it always has.