A List of Phone Numbers you Definitely Need to Have on your Phone

Wondering what Phone Numbers you Definitely Need to Have on your Phone? Start with a reliable tow truck company...
Photo by CC user andrijbulba on Flickr

Emergency services are not something anyone like to call upon, but like it or not, there are times when we just cannot do without them. We all know that feeling when we just can’t find that plumber’s number, and with water gushing all over the floor, time is of the essence. If you have experienced this situation before, here are some must have numbers to keep in your phone memory.

  1. Car Breakdowns – We all suffer from a vehicle malfunction now and then, and when it happens, it is usually in a most inconvenient place at a time when it is least expected. If you live in Western Australia, Executive Towing Services provide tow trucks in Perth for any emergency situation. Whether you need your car towing, or you wish to transport that vintage sports car to the garage, they can provide the right vehicle to ensure the move goes smoothly. Tilt trays are available for safe loading and unloading

  1. A Reliable Plumber – If ever there was a tradesperson you couldn’t do without, it would have to be the plumber. The dreaded burst water pipe could strike at any time, so make sure you have the number of a local company that are on call 24/7. More often than not, a plumber is required outside of normal working hours, and if you don’t have his number handy, the damage caused might be considerable.

  1. An Electrician is someone who might be required in an emergency situation, so it is one number to always keep handy. A blown fuse would render the home without power, and if this were to happen at the weekend or in the evening, you need an electrician who can quickly fix the problem. There is so much that can go wrong with an electrical system, and it is essential to have the number of someone who can be called out any time of day or night.

  1. A Locksmith is a person who can gain access through any locked door, and most of us have had to call in a locksmith at some time or other. Getting locked out of your home is no joke, so make sure this number is firmly embedded in your smartphone memory.

  1. A Qualified Glazier might be required in the event of a window breakage, and this happens a lot more than you might think. The neighbour’s kids like to kick the ball around, and it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that the ball ends up on your living room floor, along with the window. Whatever the cause, having the number of a reliable glazier will certainly be useful one day.

Whether it is towing your car, or calling a plumber, those essential numbers need to be easily accessible at all times, and by leaving the numbers posted in the kitchen, it gives you another avenue, should you misplace your phone. Let’s hope you never need to call these people, but it is best to be safe than sorry.