Preview a design choice at the touch of a button with our 3d room visualiser


If you find yourself in the situation of your bathroom being outdated but you’ve arrived at a standstill in terms of what design to choose from, we have it all covered for you. With some hints of what color scheme you prefer or a desired style you could do more than you could have imagined by accessing our 3D room visualiser.

Our innovative feature is available at the touch of a button and our whole array of bathroom wall panels will be made available for you to experiment with in choosing whichever design you prefer. The feature will offer a wide variety of options which appeal for both bathroom and shower room settings. No matter how difficult making a right decision might seem, we can help you make the right choice by previewing how your end result will look like.

Choosing from our wide array of bathroom wall panels will be the right step to do as you will not encounter problems such as crumbling and mouldy grout and not only will the panels be mould-free but they will also confer an easy to clean area with as little maintenance needed for them to look pristine. Our panels can also boast with a sleek design as well as water and steam proofing.

Our panels are currently being used by thousands upon thousands of people because they fit easily over almost every surface and with the help of a rudimentary toolkit paired with some DIY spirit; most of our buyers choose to do the installation themselves.

Not only is our shower wall panels delivered with all the fixing accessories that one might need but they are also put into place extremely easily and are guaranteed to last for a lifetime notwithstanding the amount of strain the room is being subject to.

If you’ve finally decided on what type of wall panel to use in your bathroom do go ahead and make your selection and preview it via our 3D room visualiser. Not only will this help you have a general idea of what your room might look like but it will also save you the money, time and energy if you end up buying products that happen not to be of your liking.

Making sure you choose the right bathroom design should be a pleasure instead of being regarded as a liability and with the help of our 3D room visualiser it couldn’t get easier than this. We also offer information and guidance on our products and have a team of experienced experts who are available to give you all the necessary advice.