Volunteer Firefighting Alliance – What Attributes you Need to Be a Volunteer Firefighter

There are some truly incredible organizations around the world such as the Volunteer Firefighting Alliance, which provide support to firefighters everywhere. As much as we would like this not to be true, there are some forces which don’t have enough money to massively staff themselves, with firefighters that they won’t need very often. And so what we then see is that when a big event takes place and they do need that extra support, volunteer firefighters get called upon, and they are able to help with the situation.

There are an incredible amount of these amazing men and women who support with the fire services, and if this is something that you would like to do then you will have to first ensure that you have the necessary attributes.


If you are not in good health then you are absolutely no good to anyone who you are trying to help and support. This is exactly why it is so critical that you are in good shape and that you are fit enough to pass the test to become a volunteer firefighter. There is a fitness test, and it is quite rigorous so you’ll have to ensure that you have been working.

Calm in a Crisis

One aspect which does differentiate firefighters and volunteer firefighters is that at least in the case of the former, they know what they are in for. When it comes to a volunteer firefighter, they may not get a call for weeks and then all of a sudden be rushed into a life or death situation. This is why you have to be someone who is able to stay very calm even during times of crisis.

Being Brave

A lot who work in this field trust their training and their instincts when they go into one of these tough situations, but the reality is that they are in fact some of the bravest men and women in the country. There is no doubt that for you to be in such a situation, even if you do go into auto-pilot, that you have to be someone who is truly brave.

Putting Others First

This is a tough gig for those volunteer firefighters because the reality is that they never know when that call is going to come. They could be with family, at work or even in a special event, and all of a sudden they have to up and leave. At the heart of what these men and women do is putting others before themselves. This is one of the most selfless jobs in the country and whilst the firefighters are at least getting paid for it, those who volunteer are not, and they are every bit as selfless as the professionals are.

This is a very necessary position which we have to fill, and these are the basic attributes which you will need if you think that you wish to be a volunteer firefighter.