How Is Infor Growing And Getting New Customers?

Infor is definitely the talk of the town when looking at the cloud computing service provider companies. In a world that is dominated by giants like Oracle and SAP, Infor is generating many waves because of various different successes that were achieved in a really small time. Everything basically started with Infor appointing Charles Phillips as CEO. As well as being Infor CEO, Charles Phillips and his wife also run Phillips Charitable Organizations and are involved in various community matters.


Ever since Phillips came into “power” at Infor, the company shifted towards constant growth. This is something that has to be remembered as it is a huge problem for so many companies out there. Growth is problematic but for Charles it is something that comes natural. Infor is growing and constantly gaining new customers because of 3 main reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

1 – Acquiring New Software Companies On A Constant Basis

Infor bought many different smaller software companies that developed the technology that was required to offer better services. This was really important as it completed the exact services that were more important for current and potential customers. With a focus that was put on the smaller companies, Infor managed to quickly reach a new evolution level, one that few actually believed in. Phillips carefully chose the software companies and the truth is that prices negotiated were also pretty good for Infor.

2 – Offering Customized Packages For New Clients

Infor’s Phillips realized the big problem with most of the cloud software solutions available on the market. What was available came with a set of features that most businesses are never going to use. Instead of delivering something standard, Infor now offers customized packages of software offered through AWS. Cloud technology plays a huge role in why Infor keeps growing. The fact that customers only get the features that they are actually going to use automatically means that prices will be lower and using the software will be a lot easier than with the more complex programs.

3 – Keeping Costs Low For Clients

Many business software providers will require hefty initial payments. Infor’s focus on cloud technology basically means that all the apps delivered can be run through the use of the internet. Small to medium sized companies can so easily take advantage of the lack of initial large financial investments. That is beneficial since it means that the companies are going to make clear steps towards future growth in a much shorter period of time than with other opportunities.

On the whole, we can say that Infor now brings in the type of service that customers love. Packages are customized and they do offer exactly what the businesses need. Why not take advantage of something like this? It should come as no real surprise that Infor is starting to dominate the retail market in terms of revenues generated. The company makes really smart business decisions and investments that simply pay themselves off in a really short time frame.