Tips for Breaking into Television Writing With Roger Wolfson

Many people have the dream about dropping work and taking the plunge at TV writing, though for a lot of people it is just a pipe dream, Roger Wolfson made this a reality. Roger was successful in the law field at a young age but migrated into TV writing and excelled. He has worked on shows such as Saving Grace, Law and Order and Fairly Legal. Roger has been speaking recently about his success and he has also been sharing some tips to help all budding TV writers.

Script Writing

It is so important to practice your scripts, there isnt much chance of your first ever script making it to television. Roger practiced and practiced to improve his craft, talking to experienced writers and sharing ideas with them for feedback. There is no harm in asking for help, if you are unsure on your script or need help why not make a group and work on it together? It is extremely rare that TV shows are written solely by one person so dont think it is the easy way. All writers think differently so you could really benefit by other opinions.

Write Episodes

There will be times where you struggle to think of original concepts, if that is the case you should try to take a show you like and write and episode for it. Look into a show like Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the show has eccentric, over the top characters that you could have a lot of fun with. You already know the characters, you know their backgrounds and you know the feel of the show. See what you can do with it, you can use the shows criteria that you know works and reflect your creativity through it.

Accepting Criticism

You are not going to be able to please everyone if you get a job in TV writing, entertainment is completely subjective. Dont feel disheartened if someone doesnt like your work, you need to be able to have thick skin and move forward. Being able to deal with criticism is huge when it comes to the writing business, cater to people who like your writing and not necessarily people that dont. Always believe in what you are doing, take constructive criticism as it comes but believe in your work.

Make Your Own Opportunities

TV executives arent going to come calling for you, you need to create your own opportunities. Contact studios nonstop, show them your ideas and ask if they will read your script. There will be times you get turned away, times you get rejected but always remember nearly everyone has. Dont take this as a sign to give up, you need to hustle. Hard work always shows in the end, very few walk through the door and get a job first time asking. It will cost you hours but if you are persistent enough and have the talent it will all be worth it in the end.