Waiakea Water Teams Up with Pump-Aid to Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 remains a real threat around the world, and leading volcanic water provider Waiakea Water is committed to doing something about this by partnering with nongovernmental organization Pump-Aid. The two companies have teamed up to mitigate COVID-19 cases by placing extra focus on hand washing and sanitation, as well as enhancing access to potable water in areas like Malawi in Africa.

Recently, in honor of World Water Day, Waiakea Water recently donated 2.5x its typical donation per liter sold from March 22 – March 31. However, Waiakea Water’s support of Pump-Aid wasn’t just a trendy quick hit. Since its launch, the company has been donating seven days’ worth of clean water to Pump-Aid for each liter of water that it sold.

This is important, according to Waiakea Water, because Pump-Aid is dedicated to offering sustainable and clean water to today’s underserved populations through devices such as clean water Elephant Pumps. This international organization is also providing access to hand washing and toilet flushing resources.

According to Pump-Aid, hand washing and safe drinking water in rural communities can help Malawi to beat COVID-19 and aid in preventing the coronavirus from spreading. Otherwise, the country will not be able to overcome this disease due to its lack of a basic medical care infrastructure. For this reason, Pump-Aid has taken steps to make sure that pumps are working properly at preschools and throughout the community. The organization has also made sure that soap is readily available, and it is promoting an awareness of COVID-19 health and safety protocols throughout the region.

COVID-19 is extra challenging in Africa because any lockdowns or even slowdowns of the economy can lead to devastating starvation. Thankfully, Pump Aid is an incredibly innovative organization and has started helping small farmers with irrigation channels that will allow 2-3 harvest per year instead of just 1. Not only will this bring more food to the region, it will help give officials more flexibility in their plans to prevent COVID-19.

Through Pump-Aid’s efforts, more than 6,000 children at more than 50 preschools have gained access to clean water. The organization, with the help of Waiakea Water, has also delivered education to almost 30,000 community members regarding the value of adopting sanitation practices that have been proven to work time and time again.