Why You Should Visit Ontario This Winter

Ontario is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destination for many reasons. Home to the impressive Niagara Falls, the vibrant city of Toronto, and sightseeing opportunities galore, you’ll find no shortage of things to do here. During your visit, be sure to check out cities like Richmond Hill, Brampton, Barrie, Niagara, and Sudbury for an unforgettable Ontario getaway.


Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is home to a variety of activities, events, and scenery that make it an ideal location for anyone. If you’re interested in catching a show or seeing live entertainment, head to Richmond Hill Center for Performing Arts. For a day spent outdoors, look no further than Wilcox Lake, or sign up for a hot air balloon ride with Skyworks Balloon Company Limited. The best part about Richmond Hill is that it’s only three miles outside of Toronto, so book a room in one Richmond Hill’s affordable hotels and drive the short distance to the city for quality sightseeing experiences.


Another neighbor of Toronto, Brampton is a great place to kick back and relax, while also being near enough to the city. If you choose to explore Brampton, be sure to see popular attractions including Gage Park, Rose Theatre, Heart Lake Conservation Area, and Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archive. If you’re traveling with children, spend the day at Wild Water Kingdom. All in all, this is a popular Ontario destination for those wanting to see both Brampton and Toronto. Be sure to book a room in one of these budget-friendly hotels that will surely make your stay as comfortable as possible.


The perfect destination for outdoor adventure, Barrie, Ontario is ideal for nature lovers everywhere. If you fall into this category, be sure to visit Horseshoe Resort for skiing and golfing opportunities, Snow Valley for all the winter sports and activities you can imagine, and Mountain St. Louis Moonstone to kick back and relax while enjoying the brisk mountain air. After so much time spent exploring the wild outdoors, you’ll need a comfortable bed each night. Consider staying in one of these budget-friendly Barrie hotels that will keep you more than comfortable and won’t break the bank.


There is no doubt that Niagara is one of Ontario’s most visiting destinations. Home to the majestic Niagara falls, you’ll be blown away by its beauty. You’ll also get the chance to taste many fine wines when you visit vineyards in the area, such as Konzelmann Estate Winery, Rancourt Winery, and Peller Estates Winery. Finding affordable hotels in the area can be difficult, especially from the months of April through October. Check out these Niagara hotels for some hints on where to stay on a budget.


The history of Sudbury, Ontario is an interesting one, so while you’re here you will most likely be doing some historical sightseeing. Check out major historical attractions such as Dynamic Earth, Northern Ontario Railroad Museum, and Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. Sudbury is also home to plenty of restaurants, bars, parks, family-friendly activities, and budget-friendly hotels.